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Duncan Dental is a BPS Certified Denture Clinic in Duncan

As a denture specialist in Duncan, Robert will help you select the right denture that is suitable for your needs and lifestyle. During a consultation, our denturist will recommend solutions and help you select the right set of full dentures. If you currently wear dentures, Robert can also assist in detecting the appropriate fit and function and can recommend repairs. In most cases, Robert can offer same day relines and repairs. If you have questions about your current dentures, would like to schedule a consultation regarding new dentures in Duncan, please contact our office today.

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When Should You Replace Your Dentures? Denture Replacements in Duncan

Contrary to popular belief, dentures do not last forever. With normal wear and tear dentures should be replaced every five years. The fit and function of a full set of dentures is vital to your health and well-being. Receiving an annual examination by our denturist is an investment in your personal health. Care and maintenance include updates to your medical and dental history as well as checking the condition of your current dentures. Dentures that fit poorly can lead to irritation to the gum tissue, speech problems and may cause other health complications. Give us a call today and book your appointment so our experienced and certified denturists can give you an assessment on your dentures in Duncan. Your dentures are made of stable rigid material and cannot adapt to your body’s natural changes. Here are some signs that your dentures should be replaced:

  • Sore and irritated tissues

  • Problems with chewing foods, indigestion problems

  • Thinning of the lips, drooping mouth or other changes in facial features

  • Teeth that are loose or falling out when speaking or laughing

  • The prosthesis has become discoloured and developed an odour

  • Softening of the tissues

  • Frequent headaches, neck or ear pain

  • Bone or ridge loss

  • Your partial remains unworn most of the time

Not sure what kinds of dentures are right for you? Take a look below for the various types of dentures that are available. We also specialize in custom fit dentures. Give us a call today and book your assessment and find out which one is right for you. At Duncan Dental, we are more than happy to give you the smile you need!

Standard or Precision Premium Dentures

Standard dentures fit and function reasonably well but they are constructed based on averages and are custom fit. However, patients who have certain conditions such as TMJ or other oral cavity disorders may require additional measurements in order to provide a customized fit. Precision premium dentures take precise measurements of your jaw and oral cavity. These measurements are transferred to an instrument that is able to recreate the natural movement of your mouth.

Immediate or Transitional Dentures

These are complete dentures that are fabricated prior to extraction. They are inserted immediately following extraction. Typically, they are considered to be transitional dentures due to their limited function. They require adjustment and need to be refit with reline material for up to one year.

Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures are fabricated on gums that have already healed, which takes approximately two months. With no teeth present there are more steps taken to measure the jaw, and the type of impressions taken are different. Conventional dentures are much more sophisticated with superior ascetics and function. These dentures may still need to be relined within the first year, due to excessive gum shrinkage that is common in all post extraction patients.

Replacement Dentures

Many of my patients have been wearing dentures for many years. Eventually all dentures wear out. Wearing down of the tooth surfaces combined with changes in the bone supporting the denture results in a need for replacement.

Precision Equilibrated Dentures

Precision equilibrated dentures are created to function like natural teeth. Very precise measurements of your jaw are taken to ensure the best possible function. Robert uses the BPS® system to create the right set of dentures for you.

Standard Non-Equilibrated Dentures

Standard non-equilibrated dentures do not take advantage of the latest technology for creating custom dentures and tend to have more limitations for your diet as well esthetics. For the biggest advantages for looks and function, Robert prefers the performance of precision dentures. However, Robert does offer intermediate dentures with upgraded materials to those who are looking for a cost-effective option.

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