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Relines and Rebases

Denture Reline, Denture Rebase, & Repair in Duncan

As an experienced denturist, Robert can help you understand the circumstances surrounding broken, loose or poorly fitting dentures. A reline, rebase or repair may help address the problem you are experiencing with your dental prosthesis.

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When to Have Your Dentures Relined

When the remaining gum or residual ridge atrophies or “shrinks” it results in changes to the shape of the face and mouth. Your gums are constantly changing and when these changes take place your denture will not fit properly. Refitting, also called “relining”, is the standard procedure that reshapes the denture base to compensate for these changes. The following are some common signs and symptoms that indicate your denture should be examined for relining:

  • Sore, painful gums

  • Loose denture

  • Cracked or broken denture

Denture Rebase

Similar to relining, this procedure replaces all of the pink acrylic denture base material. The existing teeth remain in place. A rebase is required for broken, weakened dentures or immediate dentures.

Denture Repair

A repair restores a damaged or broken denture close to its original condition. Robert can check the condition of your current denture and advise on the repairs necessary. At Duncan Dental 1992 LTD, Robert offers same day relines, repairs and more! To schedule an appointment or to inquire about our services, contact us today.

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