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Partial Dentures

Removable Partial Dentures in Duncan

A removable partial denture may help preserve and protect existing teeth. They ensure proper chewing and digestion by thoroughly grinding your food. A well-designed partial denture will assist in support of your existing teeth. Partial dentures can be constructed out of a metal and acrylic composition. The design process involved in creating a removable partial that is specific to the patient’s needs. At Duncan Dental 1992 LTD, every effort is made to design a self-cleansing partial denture that preserves your remaining teeth and oral tissues. Metal partials are typically stronger and more hygienic than acrylic. Acrylics are usually used for transitional or temporary partials.

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Cast Metal Removable Partial Denture

Created for optimum design and performance, these are created with metal sections that are specifically cast to your remaining teeth. Robert takes impressions of your mouth to create accurate models of your teeth and gums. Typically, Robert uses cast titanium or alloys for metal.

Acrylic Removable Partials/ Valplast Flexible Partial

There are two types of acrylic partials. They are rigid acrylic and flexible acrylic. Removable partials created out of rigid acrylic are considered to be a transitional denture. They are prone to breaking and require more maintenance. On the other hand, flexible acrylic can be used long term and are unbreakable. They are esthetically pleasing. However, they do require special procedures to maintain their fit and function. Acrylic dentures are used as part of post-surgical treatment or for patients with a metal allergy.

What Are the Benefits of Removable Partials?

A high-quality replacement partial should enhance your oral health. It should have a secure fit without binding or pressing on your remaining natural teeth. A properly designed partial will restore your natural smile, ensure proper chewing and prevent your teeth from shifting. If you have questions about replacement partials, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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